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BlackStar Commercial Asset Management

BlackStar Commercial Asset Management and its partners have successfully completed hundreds of residential projects during the last 20 years. From single family to multi-family to mix use housing developments, we are experts at designing, building and selling dream homes.

Are you new to residential development? Do you have a partner that is not performing up to your standards? Are you overwhelmed with multiple projects? Are you unfamiliar and struggling with the nuances of the permitting process? We can assist you at any point during your project, from council on feasibility of a potential project to helping you sell the homes once they are built. Let the insightful and experienced staff at BlackStar Commercial Asset Management become a part of your team.

Our services include:

BlackStar REO Commercial Asset Management for Funds

Given the large volume of foreclosures, an opportunity exists for investors to purchase bulk REO inventory from various financial institutions. The problem for an investor is how to manage, market, list and dispose of the sheer volume of properties.

BlackStar Commercial Asset Management has the solution! We have the contacts in place to help acquire various portfolios of assets. Once acquired, BlackStar Property Services can secure, maintain and manage the properties. In addition, BlackStar Realty will be able to market, list and dispose of the various assets to generate maximum return on investment.

Our Commercial Asset Management function allows investors an opportunity to acquire, manage and dispose of properties with seamless integration.